Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is just a stop on the way to where i'm going, i'm not afraid because i know, this is my temporary home.

The past 3 and a half weeks have been extremely difficult. The weeks have been filled with countless doctor visits, blood draws, visits to the lab, days in bed, and consistent weakness, tiredness, and feeling all around horrible. I have been tested for everything from leukemia to lupus, a parasite to chrons disease to e-coli, every blood test has been run, all my counts have been counted, they have taken every sample possible, and still, no one knows what is wrong, the sickness that is attacking my weakened body is a mystery. And the mystery is beginning to really weigh on me. There are mornings when i wake up and i think to myself "why should i pray? we aren't going to find out anything today, so why bother?" but then i am reminded immediately of my life verse. Psalm 46:5. But this is beginning to really take a toll on this little body of mine. my veins have been poked so many times that by now they are in hiding, and my hands are bruised and scared. My stomache feels as though someone has taken a shredder to the insides of it, and my body has absolutely no energy. Most days i get up, go to work, and just push through the days, counting the minutes until i get to go home and rest, but a lot of days i have had to miss work. I keep getting fevers and no one knows why, nothing is normal, everything i eat makes me sick, and when i dont eat i get sicker.
 It all started about 3 and a half weeks ago, on a sunday night, i was at my friends house and a bunch of us were eating dinner, and i got a really bad stomache ache, i went home and got very sick that night, and missed the next day of work. Tuesday and wednesday i felt a little better, and then thursday morning i woke up sick again, i went to work and came home on my lunch break, then went back to work, well that night i got very very sick, alarmingly sick, and the next morning we went to the pediatrician, immediately he sent me to Childrens to get labs drawn, and from there we went. The next week i missed monday-thursday of work. My mom and dad left for vacation that wednesday ( mom didnt want to leave me home sick, but i made her ) and thursday i went to a gastroenterologist. ( My big sister jordyn drove up and took me)  He sent me to childrens for labs and we scheduled a colonoscopy. All the labs from both doctors came back fine, nothing was showing up.
 Yesterday i had my colonoscopy, and they found out a few things, some of which are a little embarassing and which i wont mention. hahaha!!!!! least we found out what is kindaaa-wrong. I have to stop eating dairy, i can't have any foods with corn syrup in it, and we will go from there. I got medicine for the one problem too which is good. The one issue is, we dont know why i keep running fevers, so today i went back to the pediatrician, i have to start keeping a fever journal and log morning and night what my temp is, and see if we notice any patterns. I also have to start taking probiotic tablets to hopefully start helping my immune system.
On the way home from the doctor today we passed my old health food store called Cappabianca's...we used to go there all the time, and decided to stop in, i am going to get a consultaion with the owner, she is a Christian and she helps people with all kinds of problems get on eating plans and get their bodies back on track. I figure if a rhuemetologist, gastroenterologist, and pediatrian can't help me, maybe this lady can. :)
Hopefully within the next couple weeks or months we will have everything figured out...for now, i lean on my Heavenly Father...for He is the ONLY one who can truly heal.

The Lord is the everlasting God, 
The creator of all the Earth, 
He never grows weak or weary, 
No one can measure the depths of His understanding, 
He gives power to the weak, and strength to the powerless, 
Even youth will become weak and tired, 
And young men will fall in exhaustion, 
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength, 
They will soar high on wings like eagles, 
They will run and not grow weary, 
They will walk and not faint,
-Lincoln Brewster (Everlasting God)

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse