Thursday, November 20, 2014

"my dad is roger taylor...he's the president."

OKAY BEFORE YOU the comments i need you to comment where you are in the world. my blog has been getting lots of traffic lately...and i really want to know where everyone is...and make sure my mom isn't clicking on it a thousand times to make me feel like i'm awesome or something.


my whole life people have stopped look i know you?

my response is always the same. "i look just like my dad. my dad is the president of cvca. dr. roger taylor." and then their faces light up "YES that is it...I LOVE RT!" it never fails. everyone loves him. and i am so so blessed.

my dad turns 60 on saturday. as i type that i can't believe it. oh my lamb he means more to me than many people will ever know. i love him so.

in september we had the amazing opportunity to throw him a giant surprise party for his 30 years at cvca. the day was beyond overwhelming. i decided to share the speech here i gave at that maybe give you a little insight into just how amazing he is.

you are lucky people...on here you wont experience the dramatic bursts of tears or me shouting in the middle of my speech "i'm gunna need some water." YES. i tell the truth. never a dull moment with me around. oh and i should wasn't just me in tears. the whole place was in tears. Jordyn had to remind everyone that we werent giving eulogies.

here it goes.


There are so many things about you that I love. I really am not sure where to begin. From the moment I was born 23 years ago you have loved me unconditionally. You have been a prayer warrior, a best friend, a dad, a backyard baseball coach, a listener, a great example, and one of my hero’s. You have had the best qualities that Jordyn, Seth and I could ask for in a dad, and It didn’t take me long to realize that you have been this for many other people as well. Also, the three of us turned out pretty great…so I think you did the job!

Today marks 30 years of you being at “the academy” I am so thankful that the Lord called you to CVCA, and you have stayed here all these years. Dad, honestly, CVCA is my other family. This school, which was built upon Godly standards, and these people inside, helped shape me from the moment I was born and everyone there was praying for me. I do not know what life would be like if I hadn’t had the opportunity to come here. The people here have so elegantly represented what a Christian community looks like, and I had the incredible opportunity to literally grow up here, and watch some of these people become like family. Also, if you had never come here, you wouldn’t have ever been “RT.”

So I came up with 30 things in honor of 30 years. 15 of my favorite qualities about you, and 15 things that I love about you, that you have taught me, a favorite memory or two, and I may have added a few one liners from our favorite movie to keep you laughing, and to keep me from crying. And don’t worry people…I’ll talk as fast as I can. And mama t – don’t cut me off. I know you are the first lady, but as the first daughter I think I can exceed the time limit by a minute.

15 words that describe you
Emotional – in all the best ways of course
Prayer Warrior

15 random things.

Thank you for loving mom so beautifully. I heard once that the best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother well, and you have done just that.

Thank you for reading your bible every day, praying on your walks and continuously strengthening your relationship with the Lord. It has been an amazing example to me, as well as many others.

Thank you for teaching me that there is no greater singer in all the world than James Taylor, and thank you for dancing with me down on “copperline”

Let us not forget the inevitable board meeting night phone call…”hey dad, could you get me Wendy’s, I’m starving.”

Thank you for giving me your brown eyes. I love being your brown-eyed girl, and I forgive you for telling me you wrote the song and let Van Morrison record it.
Sunset Beach---It’s a “tradition unlike any other” and a  “vacation from our problems!”

Thank you for never giving up on me. And never letting me give up on myself. I can’t even count the times I said “dad I’m quitting…” to which you replied “have you ever quit anything before…we’re Taylor’s…we don’t quit.” “I don’t care I’m quitting.” …. and the next morning i would walk into the kitchen. “Alright FINE I wont quit.” and you always give me the roger affirmation let me know i made the right decision.
Thank you for teaching that one spring day me that despite my best guess, there is a eagle and a birdie...but a hole in one in golf is not a “chick” 

Let us remember nights spent in the piano room with history books on the floor, ending with me in tears and mom having to say “she’s not getting her doctorate in this rog...she’s in the 8th grade.”
"but what about bob!?" "dr. marvin? Dr. leo marvin? Oohhh the fam!” “you can call me RT in  my office…but in my home I’d like you to call me Dr. Taylor.” “Good Morning America’s Here!” 

Thank you for raising Jordyn and Seth the way you did…I could not have asked for better siblings.

Thank you for teaching me to clean my glasses off using clean underwear…and I’m sorry I told my kindergarten teacher…and I’m sorry I just told everyone here!

Thank you for showing me what a true Christian man, husband, father, son and brother looks like. You serve the Lord so well. I know it hasn’t always been easy, but you have always followed exactly what the Lord has asked of you. You are courageous, faithful, strong, and joyful in your walk with the Lord, and as a daughter I think that is the best thing in the whole world to watch.

Thank you for loving me so well through every obstacle. You have been such a rock for me dad. I know it hasn’t been easy for you, but you have put your game face on and walked with me through the unimaginable. I know my spunk and sass can be overwhelming sometimes, and I know I’m a total drama queen, but you have handled everything so well. Thank you also for always believing in me. I know I dream big and I’m a free spirit, and I know sometimes it scares you. But, not once have you ever told me that I couldn’t do something…even if it meant I had to learn the hard way. You are amazing dad. You are one in a million, and you mean more to me than you will ever know.

I love you very much, I think you are special and I am very proud of you!


Shelby Elyse ... aka ... Weezer ... aka ... Trooper 

Well thanks for reading a little bit about my dad. he is pretty neat. 

Blessed by a heavenly Daddy, 

Shelby Elyse