Tuesday, August 12, 2014

i just wanna stay right here.

the first time i came here i was 11 months old. dad tells me i was extremely tiny and he carried me in a sling holding me tight to his chest as he walked up and down the carolina shore.

we came after a long year of trying to get me healthy. mom and dad needed a vacation and someone offered up a little beach house. little did they know that this island would be one of the most spectacular places in all the world. and that it would be "a tradition unlike any other." this place would be home.

anyone who knows me well has heard me speak of this place. perfectly named. this place is sunset beach. the last island in north carolina. it sits tucked between ocean isle and bird island. i have often tried to explain to people why i love it here. it brings peace. it brings joy. i have only the happiest of memories here. even when times were rough. as we would drive across the old swing bridge and take a deep breath of the salty air i instantly felt at home again. i believe this place is a little piece of heaven on earth. sent straight from the MAN himself. this place brings healing. it always has.

it is hard to explain to other people what i mean by this sometimes. i don't think my own family even completely understands how special sunset is to me. every perfect memory was captured in this place. it would be impossible to count them. it would be impossible to choose a favorite. it is hard to put it in words. but i wrote a little something that reminds me of my childhood.

[i'll be 23 in mid july
this place feels like it holds my life. 

i remember back when i was four. 
it was lightening bugs and boogie boards.
i remember days spent in the sand
collecting shells. holdin daddy's hand.

this place it knows me well. i just wanna stay right here in sunset's place

there were birthday parties and beach church
and mama in her bathing skirt
my brother surfin through the waves
and friends in chairs lined up for days

after fireworks and ice cream nights
we'd hunt for crabs with big flashlights
the older kids, well they ran free
but from the porch we watched,
us three, mama,daddy and me.

this place it knows me well. i just wanna stay right here in sunset's place

eleven years we'd been there now
the 5 of us in that beach house.
my sister got engaged one day
carolina shore, our favorite place.

a bridge that swung from high to low
and a little house tucked right below
might be the thing i'll miss the most
and the lightening storms the way they glowed.

there were tall sailboats and piermen with their fishin poles.
there was pancake mornings with uncles 
and trinket shops that barely stayed afloat.

this place it knows me well. i just wanna stay right here in sunset's place

this place it knows me well. i just wanna. well i just wanna stay right here in sunset's place.
i'll be 23 in mid july. 
this place feels like it holds my life.] 

and if you can't relate to that...perhaps pictures will do the trick.

so prepare to live through my childhood eyes for a moment.

happy to be at sunset 
buried RT

waiting to get over the bridge...holding up a tree

mom, grandma barb, little me

days spent in the waves with seth and andrew

how cute is this!?

just loungin around

when family and friends collide

i don't know what was happening...but our faces are cute!

mermaid shelby


a buried caleb

the best sissy 

this girl was my "friend of the day"

birthday present...i think the underwear makes the whole picture.

in my element

tradition:: bumper boats with dad

the cvca/church gang

love these people.

beach beauties

matching shirts

my crush on scott lasted my whole childhood 

so beautiful

shy baby


beautiful sissy

sandcastles with mama 

good old grandpa herman. miss him so much.

jordyn and devon


handstands with jonny v

the best 

"up on the roof" - james taylor

best brother ever. 

nail painting with daddy 

hamburger joe's ... a tradition unlike any other

the two of them.

he is the greatest 

the most handsome boy

caleb love him 

love her to death

car parties on the way to the creamery

crazy aunt julie


little man is the cutest. 

beautiful kellie...my hero, sister, cousin and friend.
uncle richard...the favorite uncle...and best corn hole partner!


sweet girl


thank you Jesus for giving me an earthly father who shows me Your love. 

i hope you understand now. that sunset beach isn't just a place we go on vacation. sunset beach holds so much more. 

only 11 months. approximately 330 days  until i am back at my second home. but whose counting?! 

i love you guys

Blessed by a heavenly Daddy, 

Shelby Elyse