Wednesday, December 2, 2015

kate's crazy christmas

words from holly mcrae's blog

Thank you to those who have generously sent in gift cards already for these families! Over $5,000 has already been received in the last few weeks. I wanted to quickly make you aware of a new option for donating to Kate's Crazy Christmas drive. Friends of ours have set up a page for Kate's Christmas drive through their foundation allowing for online donations, which some have requested. First, any donations made online will be tax deductible. Second, they will match up to $5,000 that is raised online! So if you were desiring to get involved and were hoping to be able to simply donate online, please do! Simply go to 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit the families selected for Kate's Christmas drive. We are hoping to have received most of the donations via mail and online by December 15th, allowing us time to package and mail or deliver them before Christmas. Again, we are so grateful for your help in this endeavor of Kate's. Gift cards can continue to be mailed to: 

Kate McRae (or Holly McRae)
Kate's Crazy Christmas
PO Box 8278 
Alta Loma, CA 91701

*please email for an alternative mailing address if not able to mail to a PO Box.

We continue to have the need for Target, Walmart,Visa, gas (Shell, ARCO, Chevron, BP gas station, Phillips 66)and grocery cards (specifically Vons and Albertsons). All gift cards accepted. 

I will update in the coming days about Kate, as scans are approaching and some treatments have changed as a result of her recent admission. For tonight though, I wanted to share briefly about one of the boys you are supporting....
Our lives changed quickly the first week of October when our 11- year- old son, Brendan, was diagnosed with esthesioneuroblastoma  It is rarely diagnosed early since there are so few signs.  Brendan had a severe headache one weekend late in September and a few days later lost the sight in his left eye.  An eye exam showed nothing, so a quick MRI revealed the fast growing tumor.  
Brendan has undergone 5 surgeries in 4 weeks -- 1 biopsy, 2 major sinus and eye surgeries, 1 craniotomy and eye socket reconstruction, and a bi-lateral neck dissection to remove cancerous lymph nodes in his neck.  He is now undergoing 6 weeks of radiation while starting his chemotherapy simultaneously.  He loves life and appreciates all the things people are doing to help him.  His favorite thing is to be home with his family -- his parents, 8 brothers and sisters, and his niece and nephew.  This Christmas he can't wait until everyone is home together.
Thank you for helping Kate love others battling a similar fight to her own. We are grateful for you. And for more information on her Christmas drive please visit previous journal entries.

please keep praying for my sweet friend! 
Blessed by a heavenly Daddy

Shelby Elyse