Saturday, May 21, 2022

Hey Nepal … I’m Coming For Ya!

Where in the world is Shelby!? Half the time my closest friends don’t even know.

Here is something they do know … I AM GOING TO NEPAL!!!

I figured I would send out this little update here + ask ya’ll for prayers + support if you are able! Below is the letter that I send out to my family and friends!

Grateful always for everyone who reads this little piece of my world! You are a blessing!!!


Shelby Elyse Taylor

You know those spectacular moments in life where it feels like God bends down and hands you something on a silver platter? And you are so thankful you’ve been paying close attention, because you could have missed it? The very thing you had been praying for but didn’t even know you needed. He’s been holding onto it, waiting for the perfect time and in the blink of an eye, something really beautiful happens. And for me right now, it’s a chance to go serve Jesus in Nepal.

The past few years of my life I have felt like I’ve been treading water, unsure of what is next, continually asking the Father if He sees me, honestly confused because it feels like nothing has worked out the way I had hoped and prayed for. I’ve been asking Him huge questions about who I am, why He made me, and how He sees me. If I’m being honest, it’s been uncomfortable and my attitude towards Him, the One who made me, hasn’t always been great. But this spring, I sat before Him and told Him “Okay God, I will go anywhere and do anything but please make it clear.” On April 1st I applied for a dream job in Alaska, and on April 4th dear friends who have become like family asked me to go to Nepal with them. I told them I would pray, and that if I didn’t get the job I was “in.” Spoiler alert … I didn’t get the job. After praying for the past month, and talking with trusted family and friends, I have decided to go!  

From June 17-August 3 I will be serving as a nanny for my friends as we serve the people of Nepal. We will be ministering alongside local believers and churches, serving in orphanages, slums, a leprosy community, and non-government organizations that help underprivileged Nepalis. We will also have the opportunity to learn from local ministries about the work being done to combat human trafficking in Nepal. My heart has always been for the orphan and the underdog, and I could not be more excited to go!

I am looking for a team of people to support me in prayer and (if possible) financially. The cost of my mission trip is $4,615. As of today, May 21 I am halfway to my goal! Even still, the number seems like an impossible feat to reach in the next few weeks, but I see the goodness of the Lord in every step of this journey so far, and I know He will make a way. Would you prayerfully consider giving? And if you are unable, would you promise to pray for my trip? 

Here is the link if you are able to donate. Select my name from the drop down menu! [Taylor,Shelby P010011] GIVE HERE

I told you earlier in this letter that I had been asking God if He sees me. I can assure you that I know He does. He is el Roi “the God who SEES me” - Genesis 16:13. The opportunity and timing of this trip have reminded me of that great truth. That the One who named the stars and spoke mountains and oceans into existence sees me. How cool is that? Family and friends, He sees you too. Don’t miss that truth. He SEES you too!

Thank you for being such a precious part of my life! Thank you for praying for me through every season. I can’t wait to see what God will do!

Because people have asked for other ways to help … here is a link to an amazon wish list with some things that I still need / would love for my trip! As well as my VENMO … any Venmo donations will go towards bills while I’m away for the summer / offset not working at my job!



venmo name :: @SHELBYBRAVE ( Shelby Elyse Taylor )