Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stories of my July...

hi people.

i'm still here. like on the blog. blogging. i didnt mean it was a possibility i wasn't alive anymore. okay. here we go.

JULY is my FAVORITE month of the whole year. especially this year.

it has been magical.

i have seen almost all my favorite people on this earth. and the ones i haven't seen. i will see before the month is over. hopefully. well i mean actually that is incorrect. because a handful of my favorites are in other states and i wont see them. so lets just say. i've seen a pretty good amount.

FIRST of all. i realized i haven't posted since my dramatic worry post about my MRI. well. it went alright. no tumor growth!!! my neurooncologist told me i have a beautiful brain and i need to come back in 6th months. i'm okay with this. dad went with me, and an epic thing happened. he didn't even faint. but i...uhhh...i did. lets just say there was an IV malfunction and i had an empty stomach. but i'm thankful my tumor is stable. oh and i'm also thankful that my nurse is crazy and italian and hilarious. because normally doctor appts about brain tumors are not cool. but she makes it like half cool...kinda like eric matthews on boy meets world. he wasn't as geeky as minkus, but he for sure was no sean hunter. just half cool.

okay back to JULY.

well it started with a vacation to my favorite place in the history of the world. sunset beach. north carolina. it was my 21st year there. no other place holds the memories it does. this year jordyn and seth couldn't come. so it was me, a handful of cousins, their husbands, significant others, best friends, and oh! one of my best friends chad who i hadn't seen in 2 years stopped by for a few days! lets just say. sunset was a good time fo sho.

meet chaditude 

my favorite cousin kellie 

my cousin caleb. his shirt was great.

a big big beach

my cousin cassidy 

then when i got home...SETH CAME HOME! & so did Keith. 2 of my favorite people in the whole world! fun fact:: they lived together in s.c. for a year, and now they both live in california. second fun fact:: after 6 years of asking, keith finally gave me his phone number. hahaha trust me people. this was big. and i've done a dang good job and only texted him 1 time since i got it. oh and i sent him pics but that didn't count.


so thankful to have such good brothers

NEXT! me and sethy went to the ALEX GOOT concert. and i mean you probably have no idea who that is and i'm totally okay with that. long story short me and seth found his video on the ellen degeneres website long ago and since then goot has become crazy popular. it was nice to spend such a memorable an evening with my big brother. i know sometimes i drive him absolutely crazy and he thinks i'm too sassy and need to chill out. but really sethy is the best brother in the whole world, so whenever he is home is a party.  i really cherish the times we get to be together. some people aren't so lucky.


so on wednesday july 17th. the day before my birthday i find out at 5:30PM i have free tickets to the TRAIN concert. and not only train. but gavin degraw. and the script. and some girl who sang with train. she was odd though guys. her song was called weed over roses. and i'm forreal dead serious. oh! and also! i went with my friend Rachel! LOVE HER! oh and also! we sat with britty and becca! SO FUN! 

me and rach. i should have done the skinny arm post

the girls 

so after the concert me and rach went to steak and shake for a midnight milkshake becuase you know...it was...
JULY 18th!

my favoritest day of the whole year. also people. when i tried to type 18th i accidentally was holding down shift and it said !*TH and im glad i caught it cause i didnt want it to seem like i was swearing. which you know never happens...uhhh....okay moving on. wow. i'm being dreadfully honest. ANYWAY! MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 22! 

i think i played the t-swift song so many times seth thought he was going to have to steal my computer and iphone. and to all the people who got all my videos i'm just i'm so sorry. anyways. i got some pretty neat toms. and was feeling like a hipster. 

kids sizes are cheaper. take note small feeted people like myself.

im 22.  
happy free confused and lonely in the best way

LASTLY...for this post because july isn't over and part 2 will come soon enough. MY BROTHA FROM ANOTHA MOTHA CAME TO TOWN!!!

brotheRome in the house!!!

Okay peace y'all. I'll write soon. 


Shelby Elyse