Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tyler Hilton...Marry Me!?

So on monday night i went to a Tyler Hilton concert at the Auricle in Canton with my friend Erin. Let me just say that i LOVE tyler. his music is incredible. i think the way he puts words together on a page is pure magic. his voice is so raspy and honestly pretty sexy. i dont know if papa t would approve of me saying that but too late.
well anyways, i stood in line after the show to meet the guy, and i might have fallen a little in love. i walked right up to him with a big smile and just said "whatsup tyler hilton!?" like we had been friends for years and years. he was so kind and signed my cd for me. Erin and i talked to him for a minute but then went to wait at the tables to get a picture. Well we waited till basically everyone was gone from the venue except me, Erin, and a few girls we became friends with during the show.
 He came up and said "do we need some pictures ladies?" so Erin took a pic of the two of us and i obviously put on my shelby charm and started flirting up a storm with this famous guy. He looked down and recognized my little oxford shoes and goes "woahhh your shoes are badass!" excuse my french! (or his) we got to talking and i asked him if i came to his show in Columbus in a few weeks if i can sing stars go blue with him. He promised i could as long as i remind him and we shook on it.
I took my hair down and shook it all out and said "look i have crazy hair, i'll wear it down to the show and thats how you'll remember" Then he basically gave my head a massage and i was dying inside. He loved my hair! I then remembered that i didnt want him to feel my giant scar on the top of my head ( because it feels like a mountain range from the plates and stuff ) cause then he'd think i was a freak so i kind of jerked away.
But anyways we were laughing so hard and i just kept high-fiving him and i said "well okay tyler hilton i'll see you at your show!" and his response "no ill see you at our show!" hahaha i was literally flipping out inside!
So May 8th im headed to columbus to hopefully sing with this incredible guy!!! Who knows "we might get a chance to talk and talk might lead to dancing maybe dance might lead to dates, then dates to ageing!"

Well look at the pictures if you wish!

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse Taylor

Tyler James Hilton & Shelby Elyse Taylor 

Tyler & Erin

My signed cd! 

Best Friends Forever!?

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