Wednesday, May 23, 2012

runways. california day one.

So lets start from the beginning. This is going to be kind of long. so if you just want to scroll through the pictures and dont feel like reading about my adventures thats fine by me. It's all good around here. 

So the night before i left was spent packing, pacing, and panicking. not much panic but a little. then i got too excited to sleep and ended up being awake till like 5am. fail.
i had to figure out how to get all of this plus a billion little things into one suitcase. 

i just got so excited. this was like 2am.
Then around 3am i realized the weather was about to be beyond incredible. i mean i knew it was. but really. i was just so pumped.
yep. me and chels were feelin that  91 on wednesday. we'll get there.

So i woke up monday morning, running on about 5 hours of sleep, one cup of coffee and a ton of excitement. I could barely stand it. I found myself walking around aimlessly in my own house just cause i was too jittery to sit still. Then my friend Alexis came and picked me up and off to the airport we went! 
I got to the airport, got my tickets, checked my bag, got through security just fine and i was all set...found the gate, sat down with my backpack full of magazines and a few random things, pulled out my ipod and i was ready...then the craziness started. 
my flight got delayed an hour. then they finally started boarding people, then they said they found something "suspicious" on the plane and the people who were boarded had to get off. then it was another 2 hours before we got another plane. i had already missed my connecting flight in houston. finally after a lot of chaos we were on a new plane and off to houston. once in houston i had to find a new flight and it was crazy and my SASSY side came out. i had to sit in the houston airport for 3 more hours waiting for my flight to Cali, at one point i was sitting in a chair with a large wendys fries in one hand, a bag of peanut butter m&m's in the other and just crying, i was done and ready to be in california. hahaha it was a sight. 
Finally i got to California around 11:30pm monday night, over 4 hours after i should have. Hung out with the big brother for a few hours and went to bed. i was so sleepy.  

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