Monday, January 19, 2015


i have asked many of you to pray for a precious girl named kate over the past few months. please continue to pray for her. she has brain cancer. she needs a miracle.

the past week or so i've been trying to process it all. trying to understand. i am left unable to. some days i don't even know how to pray for her anymore. and i am left with nothing but tears. we continue to plead with the Father for a miracle for this spunky little girl. join us.

in Mark 5 the story of the healing of the sick woman takes place as well as the story of Jesus raising the girl from the dead. to the sick woman Jesus said "daughter, your faith has healed you. go in peace and be freed from your suffering." He told a man on the way to raise the girl from the dead "do not be afraid. just believe." He told the girl "talitha koum" or "little girl i say to you get up." over and over again the past few weeks i have been praying that kate would be healed just as the woman was just by touching Jesus' cloak or how the girl was just by him telling her to get up. i have been praying that we will have enough faith to just believe He can perform a miracle on her and that our fears will be washed aside.

it hasn't been easy. this weekend as i was praying for her. i heard a melody for her in my head. kind of like a lullaby. i grabbed my journal and words just flowed out of me. a few minutes later i had a song. it is called kate. i hope to record it for her. i pray she can hear it one day. and her family. but for now. here are the lyrics.


be still my darling be still don't fear 
I will walk with you I'll always be here 
don't forget My strength or words I hath said 
I'm right here beside you beneath and inside you 
I'm Everlasting I'm near I'm near. 

don't be mistaken trials will come 

but My mighty presence is what they'll flee from 
stand strong in courage find hope in my Name 
you are a princess a strong mighty warrior
I'm the Majestic I'm King I'm King.

do not move do not move 

you stay still you stay still 
I am here I am here 
do not fear do not fear 
you be brave you be brave 
I will heal I will heal

mountains may fall down as strong ocean roar 

but STRONG is My fortress and I am your Lord
there's pain in the sunset so find joy in the rise 
I won't let you fall down I'll pull you to my ground
trust me dear Kate I'm yours I'm yours

do not move do not move 

you stay still you stay still 
I am here I am here 
do not fear do not fear 
you be brave you be brave 
I will heal I will heal 

be still my darling. be still don't fear 

- shelby elyse taylor 

(inspired by Isaiah 40:28. Psalm 8. 2 Timothy 4:17.  Habakkuk 3. Proverbs 18:10. Psalm 18:2. Isaiah 41:10. Psalm 30:5. John 16:33. Psalm 71:14. Joshua 1:9. Mark 5. Psalm 46:2. Esther and Ruth.)

thank you for praying for precious kate alongside us. 

i love you all. 

Blessed by a heavenly Daddy, 

Shelby Elyse 

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