Thursday, March 7, 2013

the jelly bean debate.


dad:: shelby you need to stop eating those jelly beans!

me:: but dad i'm just channeling my inner 'tum-tum' from 3 ninjas.

 he gave me a blank stare & then proceeded to tell me all the sugar i was consuming.


dad:: shelby elyse what did i tell you about those jelly beans.

me:: uncontrollable laughter.

dad:: see im gunna set a good example and eat a yogurt. its fat free

me:: dad actually these are fat free too! see!

dad:: those are also full of sugar....

me:: your yogurt has sugar. how many grams?

dad:: 22

me:: woah mine has 26 misewell eat the jelly beans dad.

dad:: laughter

i love him. so much. and yes. i did eat more jelly beans. so yummy.

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