Friday, March 1, 2013

farewell february

coffee. college. and cool temperatures filled my day. 

i was up all last night coughing. sneezing. and blowing my nose. i dont think i slept well at all until around 5am-9am. its possible to sneeze while you are asleep. trust me. it scares the crap out of you. but its possible. it happened. i sneezed over 20 times last night. yes i counted. 

i woke up, got ready for school. put on my california swearshirt that my best friend elly got me. i figured it would make me feel like i wasnt about to be stuck in a stormy ohio all day. had some coffee. read a chapter in my new devotional. made some oatmeal. of course. but i accidently added too much water. and then it was soup that went into the garbage. an apple sufficed. 

went to class. anatomy first. we're learning about the endocrine system. i know a lot about it already. i like understanding things. she speaks of deficiencies a lot. and i'm like "been there...done that!" hahah. oh my life. next was courtship marriage and family. what a class. half of the time i wanna walk out, because i disagree with what everyone is saying. but the other half i like it. just depends on the day. 

after class i came home. had a mini quesadilla. yes. mini. its corn tortillas people. those things are small. had another cup of coffee. finished a quick assignment for my one class. and off i went. and the adventure began.

i met my friend brittany at starbucks for coffee. we sat and caught up. talking about life. california. school. everything. then we decided we needed a picture together. and oh my goodness. im almost embarassed to admit we probably took over 100 pictures. and we didnt even like any. we were standing in starbucks with her ipad trying to use self timer. tried using our phones. her netbook. nothing worked. we were crying laughing. we hated them all. people watched. people laughed. we felt no shame. it was hilarious. and soon we realized time had gotten away from us and we were so so so hungry. and so off we went in the rainy snow mixed night to rocknes. terminators and soup and french fries. oh my. delicious. our waitress was really rude. im not sure who peed in her cheerios today but we killed her with kindness and left a really nice tip. we decided everyone the whole afternoon and evening thought we were 12. but whatever. it was hilarious. i love her. i'm making her come to california with me in May. its gunna be the best time. 

its 2 am. and im up. writing. such a cliche. well. i hope someone out there in this universe is reading. 

s/o to my brother from another mother steven on officially being engaged. in all seriousness im a little heart broken. because i love him. but i'm just happy he is happy! love you lesmes!

its march now. a month of memories. both vivid and foggy. i look forward to my "8th birthday" and mom's real birthday. i wont say her age. because you wouldnt believe me anyways. i have one beautiful mama. im looking forward to spending time with family and best friends this month. and to see where the Lord continues to lead me on this journey called life.

well. not much else to report. thanks for reading. love you all!

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse 

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