Thursday, February 28, 2013

a change in the weather

snow. rain. sunshine.

that is the forecast for today:::::welcome to ohio.

i'm excited to see what the spring holds, where i'll go, who i'll see.

im excited for ice cream and bike rides, easter and plane rides. so much will happen.

march is days away. last night i was up late, talking to my friend and it occurred to me.

8 years ago today i got my "headache" the one that lasted 5 days. the one that changed my life. i struggle to remember those days. but i still have foggy pictures in my mind.

today was a rainy day. i sat in bed. drank coffee. did my devotions. tried to convince my brain im not a crazy person. and that i just overanalyze situations. a lot. but hey i'm 21. what do you expect.

i woke up with a fever. but dont tell mom. she'll make me go to the doctor. and mom if you reading this. please dont make me go to the doctor. im good. not sick. totally fine. maybe.

fever was gone by about 1. wanna know something gross? i sweated it out a little and my feet got all stinky! hahah. ew. so then i showered. did a few things for school. had some lunch and off to class i went.

[  i tried to pull the brain tumor card on dad today. because i want my nose pierced. sadly. it didnt go as planned. i will try again tomorrow.  ]

my evening consisted of burgers and broccoli. talks with the parents and watching the rachael ray show. i finished a song i've been writing for awhile, tonight. woah guys. i just used a comma. anyways. its called "twelve" ... meaning 12 years, 12 months, and 12 at night. maybe one day you will hear it on the radio. maybe not.

i finished my pediatric brain tumor scholarship application today and have it all in a polka dotted bubble mailer ready to send tomorrow. s/o to my bff elly for being my proof reader! fingers crossed i'll get some moolahhh.

im turning over a new leaf. trying to conquer something. you shall get no specifics blog readers but today my friend brittany gave me an B+ because i messed up once hahah. we shall see how tomorrow goes.

seth called me like 10 minutes ago. and we start talking about iphones and whatever else and then he laughs a little and tells me he's started a blog. his made this big long story and i was literally in tears laughing. idk where he comes up with this stuff. but basically. seth. i am looking forward to "the beauty in the rattle." ... and thanks for making me laugh. your the best brother ever ever ever. may come quick!

okay well i'm off to try to get some sleep. still not feeling awesome. and moms whole homeopathic medicine kick isn't exactly helping my cold.

oh. the forecast. it was right. its snowing now. so really::::welcome to ohio

love you all!

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse

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