Tuesday, February 5, 2013

typical tuesday

it's tuesday.

i've always coined tuesday to be like the awkward kid on the soccer team. not as bad as monday, but obviously not as good as wednesday, thursday, and friday, because those all lead up to the weekend. it's just so tuesday. it's just typical. if you didn't understand my comparison it's okay. i don't know if i do either.

my post is going to be a little A.D.D. just like me. have fun.  

today was filled with college classes, coffee & chicken quesadillas. 

today i saw a girl wearing jeggings with wolves on them (i'm really not kidding, they had wolves and like a wintery forrest scene.) 2 of my classes held totally awkward conversations, and i had an awkward encounter in the student union. and trust me, i wasn't the source of the awkward.

i held my phone tight all day. updating my e-mail about every 30 minutes. praying for a phone call. it's been 19 days. i don't have results. the anxiety i spoke of last week has faded, and now irritation and a little bit of anger are my emotions. i just want to know whats going on in my body. i hate unanswered questions. i hate waiting. and honestly, i hate that i even have to deal with all these dumb tests. my fingers are crossed that my results will be on mychart tonight at midnight. we shall see. i hope no news means good news. but dang it! i want some news.


tonight as mom was finishing getting ready to go to dinner with dad, dad walked into the living room, stopped at the door and just stared at me. i finally look up and said "ummm is this a staring contest?" he said "no i'm just starting to see so much of myself in you. you sit there with a smile on your face, but behind those eyes i can tell that you are thinking about so much more than you let on." i burst out into uncontrollable giggles because ... well he was right.

he has always been able to do this. it's weird. he knows when i'm sick by looking in my eyes. he knows when i have a secret, when i'm upset, or any other emotion by just looking in my eyes. it must be a dad thing, or maybe i am a lot like him. i wouldn't mind. i have never been good at hiding what i am feeling. i cry when im sad. i laugh when i'm happy. if i'm not talking, something is wrong. you will learn these things quickly. i try to mask it, but it never works. dad says my eyes say everything. i guess he is right. he is the same way.

okay next tangent...

remember the other day when i said i loved that kid's music? Steve Moakler. well like i said my cousin went to college with him. well i've been bugging my cousin about how much i love him and i may or may not have stalked him and he's only like 24. or 25. or 26. one of those. but she said she'd message him about me. so stay tuned. maybe i found prince charming hahahah. just kidding. kinda. hey i dream big.

well. now i'm in pajamas about to watch Bachelor night 2 for this week. the drama llama is named tiara this season. it's hilarious.

okay well thanks for reading about my life.

love you all.

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse

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