Tuesday, February 19, 2013


it's 2:33 am.

 i can't sleep. suprise. i'm sooo hungry. i have so much on my mind. so i write. and write. and write.

 if you were with me i would probably spill my guts about everything i know and every secret i have. i'm in the stage where my brain is slowly shutting off and i feel like i had too much wine but i didnt have any. its a weird feeling.

 i just sit listening to coldplay. thinking about the past few weeks. flipping through glamour magazine. this is my life. at 2:37 am now.

 for some reason im craving taco bell. mind you i dont even like that place. they have meat that pours out of a tube. but right now i could eat lots of tacos. and nachos. oh and those cinnamon twisty things. yumm. oh and mountain dew. i dont even like it that much. but it goes so well with taco bell. oh my goodness. husband, if you are reading this. be prepared to go to taco bell with me at 2:40 in the morning sometime. just saying. and friends. if my husband isnt reading this. fill him in.

the wind outside is crazy. enough noise to wake up just about anyone. and more than enough to keep me from falling asleep. i like rain. but i dont like wind. perhaps its because i have an irrational fear of being swept off to oz. or maybe i dont want a tree to come through my window at any moment. but all the same. the wind is not my friend tonight.
the only thing i like about the wind is the quote about it and love from a walk to remember.

im talking to my brother on facebook chat now. catching up. like we do almost daily. i love him for that. even though it has to be almost 3am here to catch him on good california time. i still love it none the less.

okay i'm sure no one is reading this. so i'm peacing out.

blessed by a heavenly Daddy,


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  1. We've never met, but I'm facebook friends with Seth and he posted a link to your post about brothers and I just kept scrolling down and saw this post. It's 4:04am California time, I'm sitting here listening the wind go crazy outside, hoping I don't wake up to a palm tree in my living room. I'm craving squirt and trying to decide if I want to leave and go get fast food. I know you wrote this the other day, but I want you to know someone read it, and you're not alone in this insanity called insomnia. :)