Sunday, February 10, 2013

saturday sunshine.

today was a good day. the sun was shining. and my heart wasn't full of anxiety.

i woke up at like 11:30. had coffee. and you guessed it, oatmeal. i was a little disappointed in my oatmeal today. all we had left was cinnamon and spice. and i'm more of an apples and  cinnamon kinda girl. but none the less. still oatmeal. still breakfast.

watched my favorite saturday morning food network show pioneer woman. i really like her. ree drummond is her name. she's the kinda lady i wanna grow up to be like. except i don't know if i want to marry a farmer. anyways. she loves to cook, loves Jesus, and loves her family. she writes, blogs, and has a tv show. if that isn't someone to aspire to be like, than i dont know who is.

so i got ready, and off i went to craft with my friend ana. now i have probably mentioned ana before. she has been my friend almost my whole life. we were 2 when we met. i hadn't even begun to walk when she became my friend. ( yea i didn't walk for like ever. but hey, i was born so freaking early everything else ended up being late. plus i weighed like the amount of a bag of flour so i just got carried everywhere. forever. ) so anyways. ana is the my sister. seriously. we have gone to school together since we were 4. preschool. chapel hill, vca, cvca, and now akron. i mean how crazy is that! so anyways. we crafted a really cute elephant canvas for her friend's baby shower gift.
i named it eleanor. the elephant.

see so cute! so we crafted and caught up. then made buffalo chicken dip for a party she was going to. then i drove to meet my parents for saturday night church. after church we got chinese and came home to relax.

then tonight i started watched the show "hart of dixie" on netflix. oh man. i already love it. i love wade. but i also love george. and of course. a girl can't watch a tv series without her dog. and lots of blankets. and a pint of ben and jerry's. hahaha don't worry i only had 2 scoops. portion control people. i do not want to end up on the biggest loser one day. oh. did i mention my ice cream was called "late night snack?" it's the jimmy fallon edition. oh my heavens. it had vanilla bean ice cream. caramel swirls and fudge covered potato chip clusters. yeah. i know. so good. 

well. ice cream is gone and now i'm trying to be healthy sitting here with my water. maybe i should try the eliptical. but not at midnight. also. the sugar. it's never good for me. i'm wide awake already at night. and this just makes me crazy. 

okay well. i'm gunna go watch more hart of dixie. you should watch it. it is so great. 

no health update. fingers crossed for monday.

please continue to pray for my friend allie. she will get a treatment plan and such the next few days. i'll keep y'all posted!

i love you guys!

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse 

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