Thursday, February 7, 2013


well. it's almost midnight. and like every other day of my life i'm wide awake. today was basically non-eventful.

i woke up at 10. started studying. did anatomy homework. studied anatomy. drank some coffee. had some oatmeal. if you dont see a pattern by now you should. i love coffee. and oatmeal. 

at 2 i got ready for school. and then decided to call the doctor before i went to class. today is day 20. i can't help it that i'm a little anxious. i just can't. so anyways. i talked to the nurse practitioner. she said that my mail away labs were "still pending" she said she couldnt tell me if that was good or bad. i think she actually had no freaking idea. she said they'd call me as soon as they were in. i was sassy. but what's new. so fingers crossed that we hear something this week. my heart is gunna pop. i believe i would have this same feeling if i was meeting ryan gosling for the first time. not the anger, just the suspense. oh man i love ryan gosling. okay sorry i'm being A.D.D. again.

anyways. i went to class. came home. ate an apple and peanut butter and honey. mix them. it's sooo good. i promise. watched the rachael ray show. and then studied some more. and more and more. i hate anatomy. i dont even think i'm understanding all of this dumb stuff. whatever. okay. sorry. 

so then my friend rachel came over and we watched Josh Duhamel on Jay Leno. i love him. not leno. josh. his new movie safe haven is coming out and i can't wait. oh it's coming out on valentines day...anyone wanna be my date? actually. i better filter that. if you know me and are someone i actually talk to. you may ask. if you do not qualify under those rules. you. may. not. unless you are the singer that i told my cousin i love. then you are okay too. hahaha i'm really sorry. i need some meds. okay so anyways. as i'm watching the interview. and i begin to notice. Josh Duhamel is A.D.D. too! we should be friends. so then me and rachie watched american idol. she left

i just studied for another hour. now i'm not tired so i think i'll go waste time on pinterest. 

oh oh!! i gotta say this:: so i'm applying for a scholarship through the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. i applied 2 years ago and got it, then 1 year ago and didnt. and i'm eligable again! So im in the application process right now, it's long and complicated. so if you guys could please be praying for that i would really love that! hey if i can get money out of this dumb clumb of oligodendrocytes and neoplasm whatevers in my head it makes it all not seem so bad. maybe mr tumor is "paying off"  :)

okay well. i bet my bad jokes are getting old. and i also bet that most of you x'd out of the blog by now. so i shall say goodnight and goodbye. 

i love you all. really i do. many of you mean more to me than you know...

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse 

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