Friday, February 15, 2013

"you are normal...your just unique!"

today. there was sunshine and laughter. so it was good.

the morning was pretty non-eventful. basically same old shelby. bad headache. coffee. oatmeal. apples. homework. blog reading. music. writing. and talking to my dog like she's a human.

mom was home today. that was nice. she took the day off after an appt she had this morning. i love having her home. it just feels nice knowing someone else is around.

i went to class. that was non-eventful. came home. watched the silver lake police pull someone over in front of my house and then oh wait they needed backup. the freaking barney fifes can't ever do anything by themselves. literally the silver lake police are the definition of ridiculous. so i watched that. my friend amanda dropped off a shirt i ordered from this party she had. i sat on my bed with my purple beats headphones and sang random stuff into my phone to see how cool it sounded playing back. yeah. i just admitted to that. and read a few blogs i follow.

tonight i went to dinner with my friend ana. the one i crafted with. the one i've known since i was 2. we had the best time. we always just laugh and laugh. we ate pretty unhealthy food and decided we were okay with that. we caught up on life. and laughed histerically because our waitress could have been in "pitch perfect" as the girl who talks really super soft. we literally couldnt understand her and so everything she said we just nodded. it was great.

i love that girl. at one point i was explaining a situation to her and she goes "that person is not normal!" and so i said "neither am i though!" and she said "shelby you are are just unique!" i mean holy cannoli what a great friend. hahaha. i like that she used that word. often people describe me as that. i dont mind it. but you know well that sometimes i wish i was normal, but really being normal is boring. so i'm happy to not be normal.

well. tomorrow is sissy's birthday. be looking for an epic post about that.
i'm gunna watch a movie with mama t. and then hopefully get a good nights sleep.

please be praying for no more headaches so i can stay off medicine. i've had quite a few lately.

i love you all.

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse

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