Wednesday, February 13, 2013

to be like esther


a woman who i believe is too often overlooked in the bible. and who obviously should not be overlooked at all. she is the only other woman besides ruth to have a whole book devoted to her. i have been studying her carefully the past few weeks. i want to be like esther. she was not flawless. she was real. i like that about her.

what a beautiful example of a Godly lady she was. she was filled with many qualities i aspire to have. also. i say lady because i think it's a better word to use than woman. lady sounds more beautiful in my mind. but maybe it's just me.

so what was esther?

* esther was beautiful, full of grace, and charming. *

     - ch. 2 v. 15 "she won the admiration of everyone who saw her." i believe this is something to strive for. people are often opinionated, but she was so esteemed that everyone admired her. wow. also, her name literally meant "star." and that is just what she was. she shined, sparkled and was a light to many people. admiration. that is beauty. that is grace. and that is charming, a good charming.

* esther was a lady who trusted well *

     - i noticed while learning about this amazing woman was that in her story, there were no angels, no voices from heaven, not even a mention of God that i noticed. but esther knew God was with her, and she knew of His perfect plan, so she had peace. He was still present, even though it may not have seemed like it. she still trusted. she trusted that His will was being fullfilled.

* esther was incredibly courageous *

   - various times throughout the book, specifically in chapter 4 more than once, esther has to be confrontational, standing up for her people, with much risk involved. she found incredible courage, with help from her Lord of course. the story never has her ask why or have pity on herself, she just does as she is told. when she is told. with her head high and her warrior face on. obedience. and courage. beautiful.

i am inspired by esther.

i've recently been reading a book called "preparing to be his help meet" by debi pearl. i have mentioned it before. she speaks of esther, who she was, how she lived and i am captivated. i have re-read the chapter about esther and ruth over and over. soaking in the words. it is a chapter surrounded by strength and courage and trust. being courageous in relationships, and trusting that the Lord has a perfect plan for our lives, marriage or no marriage. one thing that really stuck out to me that she said about esther was this...

 " because one young girl was wise and sober minded, and because she was willing to lay down her life, a whole nation was spared."

so i ask you...would you be willing? would you have the same courage, wisdom, beauty and grace that esther did? can you give total control to God, and trust in his ways completely?

if i'm being honest...i am no esther...but i am working on it.

i want to be more like her.

more like.


Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

 Shelby Elyse

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