Friday, February 15, 2013

be my valentine?

valentines day.

it's about flowers and fancy dinners. chocolates and cupid. shapes of hearts and shades of pink white and red. movie dates and men forgetting until the night before.

but most of

today i woke up to chocolate, a starbucks giftcard and a beautiful card on the kitchen bar from mom and dad. instantly i was in a good mood. they are always thoughtful this way. they always have been. i sat down with my coffee and oatmeal & did my devotions. got ready in record time and off to class i went.

as i drove to school, im not sure why, but i was sad. i dont think it was even because it was valentines day and i was in the cliche "oh my gosh i'm single still" stage. i think it was just dreary. the sun wasn't out. the day just didn't feel awesome. so i sat through anatomy with a blank stare on my face. trying to figure out why i felt like i wanted to cry. i kinda figured it out. but its complicated. and you my friends probably don't really care. or have the time. my next class was "courtship, marriage and family." what a lovely class for valentines day haha so anyways he spent much of the class playing guitar and speaking about his favorite music and i obviously begin to talk to him about james taylor and all the greats...

then all of a sudden. i don't know what came over me. but i decided that i was gunna have a valentine. so i text my brothers friend Gregg who he lives with in California. best decision i made all week. also. i'm really glad it went down this way or i would have felt so stupid.

i mean talk about confidence. i wish i had that kind of confidence with ohio boys my own age. hahah. or within 5 years of my age. also. talk about a great guy. he was totally my valentine. we caught up throughout the day and he gave me really encouraging advice about relationships. at one point he said "you need to trust that you're awesome and let a guy make you his valentine." day. made. best first valentine ever. even if he is in california. what a catch. unfortunately my brother thinks gregg is too old for me, so i think this might be the last time he is my valentine. but hey. sissy and mark have a 12 year age gap. so you just never know ;)

also. some may consider this cheating. but i don't. i might have had a second valentine. but he's only 2. and he's my nephew. he made my day as well. he called me around 7 and goes "ummm hi happy umm happy balentimes day shelby!!!!!! i got treats!!!!" oh my goodness. the kid melts my heart every single time i talk to him. malakai james i hope you are my valentine for the rest of my life.

tonight i went to my friend erin's house and we made waffles and just sat around and talked and listened to cheesy disney channel original movie music. and t-swift. then i came home, watched grey's anatomy. and now i'm blogging and off to bed.

so while my valentines day wasn't ordinary. i didnt go to dinner and a movie with prince charming. no one bought me flowers. it was nothing crazy. it was just a nice day. i felt loved.

so contrary to what i have said for many years. i guess i don't hate valentines day. i mean. i guess. i might kinda like it. and maybe one day. i'll even love it.

i hope you all had wonderful days full of love and laughter.

i love you all.

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse

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