Sunday, February 3, 2013

life. is. beautiful.

today was good. church. sunshine. and a nap were my favorite things.

i had a migraine today. it was no fun. i hate them. im happy to be off medication, but now my body has a mind of it's own. i hate migraines. they scare me. they remind me of bad times. they remind me i have a brain tumor. they remind me i have a reason to be fearful. my steroid didn't work. i slept, didn't help. finally excedrin and a quesadilla and coffee did the trick.

i wrote a paper. read a lot. did online assignments that are such a waste of time it's not even funny. planned out my week in my planner. it helps that my planner is so cute, or i would hate this part of sunday's. but the vera bradley patterns make it not so bad.

i had a great conversation with pops. he has so much wisdom. i love our times together. i am thankful for such a Godly dad. i talked with mom about a book im reading. it's called "preparing to be his helpmeet" im really learning a lot from it. it's stories of waiting for the guy God has prepared for you to marry, but being patient and in prayer for him until then. i would recommend. it. sometimes i think i should get paid for marketing things on my blog. but then i remember hardly anyone reads this most days. hahah. no money.

i didn't watch the superbowl. im gunna be real honest. the only time you'll find me watching that is under 3 circumstances. 1. the steelers are playing. 2. the browns are playing. 3. i have a husband who makes me watch it with him because i make him watch grey's anatomy and chick flicks and reality tv that he hates. and this year, none of those happened. so thus. a movie was watched.

the movie:: october baby. wow. incredible. my heart is full.

probably one of the best movies i have ever seen. ranked up there with my nicholas sparks obsession. i can't give the whole story away in case you haven't seen it. but what i can need to see this. it's a story about a girl who finds out that she is the survivor of a failed abortion. the story is beautiful. it is portrayed in an beautiful and real way. i could watch it over and over again. there is love, hate, lies, and every other emotion you could imagine with such a situation. this girl. the survivor in the movie. she is bold and beautiful and confident and despite the story unfolding and realizing so much of her life has been a secret, she is still living. still loving. it is amazing.

so now of course i'm listening to the soundtrack. and i tweet the lyrics of the first song because they are adorable. "please, excuse me while i fall for you" - steve moakler.
so then my cousin tweets me to tell me she went to Belmont with him. so now i'm like "is this destiny? kayla set us up. husband." and she thinks im kidding but i'm kind of dead serious. hahah. okay but really. listen to the soundtrack. its incredible. the whole time during the movie of course my music brain is going "wow, this song. i love it" literally to every song. so i might be listening to this for days.

needless to say. today i am thankful for my life. very thankful. even though it's been a battle. i have pushed right through. i've found beauty. i've had God on my side. so the battle hasn't been so bad. life. is. beautiful. it is just is. God is God. and He is good.

still waiting on test results. i literally can't believe i'm still typing that sentence. fingers crossed for tomorrow.

"To be human is to be beautifully flawed."

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse

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