Monday, May 20, 2013

i'm never ready.

it's time again.
i feel as though these 6 months passed too quickly. 

i'm not ready.  i'm never ready. 

but here we are. it's 2 days away. 

MRI & NeuroOncology Appt. is scheduled for Wednesday morning. 

prayers would be appreciated.

1. for strength. these never get easier. i am always left exhausted emotionally and physically.

2. to praise the Lord no matter the outcome. i have NOT been having symptoms, but i also do not know the future. and i need to remember Who is in control & that He wont leave me no matter what. 

3. dad is going with me instead of mom. this needs the most prayers. hahah! lets just say sometimes i have a "fainting dad" ... don't get me wrong. i love the "doc" but God did not create him to do well around other docs. 

4. to be a light. it's always hard on days like the one coming. but i still need to try to have a Christ-like attitude and stay positive. 

5. and last but not least. please be praying for NO tumor growth or new growth. AND please be praying we can go back to yearly scans, this 6 month thing leaves much room for extra anxiety! 

okay that is all i have. just please be praying. 

i love you all & am forever thankful for praying friends and family.

BLESSED by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse 

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