Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 30 - Someday We'll Know

dear 3 people who actually read my blog,
 i am truly sorry that i have not written for quite some time. life in the taylor house has been quite the zoo, i often like to think of big words to describe what is going on and lets just say its been a dibockle in more than 5 ways. I think if i make bullet points of updates and then go from there it should be much much easier.

1. Grandma - She is off the vent! So that is a giant PRAISE to our Jesus! But...yea there always comes a but in our world...she is still not doing very well. There is still some kind of blockage somewhere and the past week she's been sleeping all the time and becoming more and more this point more and more tests are being run, and we are all just praying for answers. I've learned a harsh reality in my life and that is called "doctors are humans too." Doctors are supposed to be the life savers, they are supposed to know the answers...but sometimes they just do not know what to do. Sometimes they don't know what is wrong or how to help. I hate it...but it is truth! So all i know is that grandma is not doing the best she could be. I think it was a week or two ago my mom said to me "well if she ever gets better it's not gunna be the same, she wont be up and cooking all the time" and it hit me like a ton of my head i'm thinking " no mom your crazy " but in my heart i'm thinking "this can't be happening." My grandma bought me my first cookbook "Gold Medal Flour ABC'S Of Cooking" I still use it's all coffee stained and drawn all over but it is very special to me...grandma instilled in me my love for imagining her not being able to cook, that is a hard pill to swallow for sure. I know God is in control. I understand that this is in his plan and that i have no control over the outcome but i just wanna scream thinking about it. I want to know if she is in pain and she cant say ... its just not fun at all anymore!!! Reality = im terrified of losing her, but i do not want her to suffer. Alright i think that's enough on feeling sad i need to feel happy! CONTINUE TO PRAY!

2. Seth - He's been in California for a few weeks now and he is super duper busy all the time...but he is doing well, stressed out at times...but continuing to get all his work done and still have time to chat with me some nights...i try not to bug him too often, but hey i'm the baby sister it's my job!

3. My Eye - So i have an appointment on the 18th of May with a Surgen at Akron Children's Hospital to see if i'm going to need surgery or not. My eye seems to get worse when i'm tired or stressed...but it kinda is bothersome a lot of the time now so we need to just see what we can do!

4. College - Officially going to Akron next year...super excited for a fresh new start....also i'm sooo stoked about Elly and Jessica coming's gunna just be so much fun!

Someday We'll know why bad things happen and why good things happen...but for now...i sleep :)

Alrighty, well this is all i can think of right now...i put up lyrics to one of my new favorite songs right below this post so go check it out...and the link to the video

Blessed by my Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse 

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