Friday, April 1, 2011

Who I Am...Just Me

So lately i have been really reflecting on things that i could change about myself. I think "well maybe if i say this, than that person wont hate me..." or "maybe if i wear this than that girl will want to be my friend..." well i have come to the conclusion that this is NOT a good way of thinking and NOT a good idea. I will never be anyone but me! I think it is a take it or leave it kind of thing, yes i realize that i could probably work on not being so loud and decide that i should not be such a drama queen to gain attention sometimes...yea those are flaws but they do not change who i am.
I am 5 feet tall. I have brown eyes. I have the curliest hair ever. I have the BEST family. My friends are incredible. I love the LORD with all my heart. I do daiily devotions. I am writing a book. I have an obsession with looking through old picture albums. I like passion fruit tea. I love coffee. I love cheeseburgers and chicken fingers and fries. I love stir fry vegetables. I sleep with a blankie. I have never been in love. I am a Justin Biber fan. I am an aspiring baker and i hope to have a food network show one day. I love shoes. did i mention i love shoes. I have almost every letter saved that has ever been written to me. I am a brain tumor survivor. I love big bows and headbands. I like hello kitty. I like rap. I love the rain and hate the snow. I like the smell of clean laundry and cake batter. I can't wait for Heaven it is going to be wonderful. I am very spunky and you have probably never met anyone like me. I scrapbook. My name means "little rock" I believe that i am put on this earth to lead people to the Lord through unusual ways. My brother, sister, & my cousin Kellie are my Hero's. My daddy is superman. My mama is my best friend. I wonder what a rainbow looks like from Heaven. I want to be on the Ellen show sometime. I love Rachael Ray. I have small feet. Well...that is all for now.
Who I AM...



Shelby Elyse

Psalm 46:5

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