Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 27 - dont worry im alive

So i know i havent written in a couple days, i've been crazy crazy busy and have not had much time at home...i didnt even watch rachael ray today...that means im booked. haha
but tomorrow i will write about my adventures the past couple days
but please...continue to pray for a few things

1. my Grandma Taylor, really not improving, still in ICU, now she has a trache, pray for healing and then also strength for the rest of my family, this is a really rough situation.
2. Seth living in California, pray that he adjusts fine, does not become home sick and is a Light to everyone out there!
3. My eye...and finding out about surgery, i have had a headache the past couple days from it and it is really starting to bug me...
4 Chelsey, a girl i went to school with who is currently undergoing chemo for leukemia

thank you

God Bless YOU!


Shelby Elyse ... now known as Shelbulb, Shelyse, or Arrowfoot...

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