Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 24 - Friends are just sisters from other misters, and brothers from other mothers!

So the past few days have been so so fun!
Lets start with Wednesday...I woke up and made that wonderful pancake breakfast with Simina that you see below, then i ate a couple pancakes, and decided to get ready for the day. Then i went to downtown Hudson with my friend Erin to eat at Aladdins for lunch. There was a CVCA fieldtrip and there were a million Sophomores running around...and of course me and Erin chose a window seat where every person that walked by could bang on the window and say hi to us...the waitress got scared and stayed away for long periods at a time. haha
Then me and Erin went into a few stores and headed back home. Then i drove to my friend Natalie's house and drove with her and my friend Brooke to the Blatchford's for Mama Za! YUMM-O! Then after pizza and salad, we all went to Tommy's for Milkshakes! That was awesome...a long story to go along with that one...but i do not want to embarass anybody so i will not tell it. :) All i can say is that it was one of the funniest things of my life. :)
So thursday, i woke up and ate a Strawberry pop tart and didnt do much, i think i went back to bed for awhile. Then i went to store, talked to my sister, did my devotions and then at night i hung out with mom and dad and watched American Idol & Grey's anatomy! :)
So then Today i just chilled in the morning, then Erin came over to hang out for a little while, then i went to Starbucks with my friend Bri, then i came home and showered and such, then went to Applebees with my friend Steve for dinner...i hadnt seen him since Thanksgiving and that is a long time, so i was excited to catch up! Then i came home, but not for long! I then went to the Root Cafe with Erin and Pete ... that was pretty funny... then we came back to my house and played scrabble. hahaha so friendshipy...
Well i'm not quite sure what tomorrow shall hold for me, but i will be sure to tell you about it!
Oh by the way... Sunday i'm going to CAKE BOSS TOUR! BUDDY ON TOUR! WITH CORRIE! Sooooo STOKED!!! :)


Shelby Elyse

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