Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 25 - New Project!

So i'm starting an organization called Cupcakes for Cancer ... i'm going to start making cupcakes to benefit cancer research. Profits will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Akron Children's Hospital, Susan G Komen for the Cure, & the Make*A*Wish foundation. I am so excited to be able to do this. I have been praying about it for a very long time, and i know that is going to bring glory to God! My whole life has been one miracle after another, one answered prayer after another, and i have continued to find Beauty in every Battle. (the title of my book i talked about a few weeks ago) I think that by starting an organization like this, i will be playing a part in maybe helping people's lives me saved, and changed. Cancer research gets closer each year to finding cures, and i think it would be absolutely amazing to be able to donate money to help to find those cures. Each foundation that will be recieving money is for a reason... St. Judes in memory of my "lil bro" Ian Franklin Dolman an incredible family friend who lost his battle with brain cancer a few years ago [ i miss ya little buddy, but i know your up in heaven smilin down on me, and eating tons of crab legs!!! ] Akron Children's because they saved my life...twice! Susan G Komen in memory of my favorite teacher ever Mrs. Arnold, and in honor of my friend Corrie's mom who beat breast cancer! & the Make*A*Wish foundation because they bring so much hope to people with little left! I am starting a blog all about that separetely and if you want to get me at but heres the other blog ....

ok well thanks for reading my ramblings....


Shelby Elyse

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