Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 23 - Pancake Morning!

So a couple days ago Simina came over for Pancakes with her little sister Becca, it was early in the morning and we were very tired...but we decided that taking pictures was probably a good idea anyways! Excuse my morning face...

So This is the nice table i set...

Me and Simina...SO EXCITED...hahahah

Pancake Mix...Organic of Course!

2 Tablespoons of Oil...i am sorry that my eye is crossed...if it scares you i'm even more sorry...i can't help it, it just goes like that, i need surgery probably, but i refuse to get it....hahaha

Simina & Becca...SO CUTE!

Soo we never took a picture of the finished i just picked a picture off google...haha :)


Shelby Elyse

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