Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 7 - I get by with a little help from my friends

Today I woke up and ate a bowl of Kashi Berry is my new favorite tastes like the berry berry capt'n crunch!

Then I decided that I was still quite i crawled back into bed for an hour. :) Then i went to the bank and cashed my check from babysitting last night, then i came back home.

Then about an hour later my mom got home and we went shopping for a new outfit for me to wear tonight...i was pretty excited about this, because i knew tonight would be special. So mama t had macy's we went there, i tried on like 10 or 11 dresses and found we went to Kohls, where i found an adorable oversized sweater from the Lauren Conrad collection, in a pretty dark teal color, and then i found a scarf, that was just the cutest scarf ever, and had that dark teal color on the flowers on it. I was just so happy.
So then, out of the corner of my eye, i see this girl, with hair just like mine, her haircut was adorable, and her ringlets were perfect. So i did what every normal curly girl would do...i walked up to her and asked her what products she uses, we proceeded to have a nice discussion that only people with curly hair would understand, and i was out the door, oversized sweater and scarf in hand. I then walked down the sidewalk, 4 doors down, right into Sally's beauty supply and bought the products that the girl was describing! :) Yes...i know this may sound crazy...but if you had to deal with my hair everyday, you would do the same exact thing.

So then i went home, showered, and put the products on my hair, and said a few prayers that my hair would turn out lovely. I then laid on my bed and listened to a little joshua radin to get pumped for the night!

Then i put on my favorite pair of American Eagle jeggings...put on my deep turquoise cami, a brown long sleeve shirt with cute buttons down the back, my oversized deep teal sweater, my new scarf, and my brown flats with the gold buckle that matched the gold accents in the scarf. I topped it all off with my newest headband that has little light light pink fabric flowers on it.

10 minutes later becca and elly came...and we took this picture...

Then i went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner with Becca, Elly, Simina, Corrie, Jessica, Rachel, Kristen, & Becca. I had so much fun! I love those girls so much and they are all such a blessing to me! I got a strawberry lemonade, buffalo blasts, a side salad and a piece of chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake to the end of the night i started feeling not so hot, i was super tired and super full...then i started feeling feverish again.

Needless to say, the car ride home was very simina elly and becca laughed a lot...then i got home, put on my pajamas, ate half my piece of cheesecake...and then i took my tempature...guess what folks 100.5! whose suprised...not me! hahahaha....ohh boy! When will this end?

Well, on a happy note...i had a wonderful day. I felt incredibly blessed...and i am very full!


Shelby Elyse

shout out to Corrie Blatchford...for giving me the cutest card ever today! LOVE YOU SISTA!

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