Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 25 - Favorite Movie Ever

So tonight i watched Sleepless in is my favorite movie probably ever (yesterday my friend Zak's facebook status was of one of the songs from it, and i just couldnt get it off my mind all tonight i watched it) i love that movie and You've Got Mail. Something about the pairing of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan gets me everytime. I have always wanted to name one of my daughters Annie after the character from Sleepless. Or Maggie after his wife who passed away. Ever since i was a little girl and saw the movie for the first time, i have loved Jonah...he is just soo cute...hahah i wonder what he looks like now!
The whole movie just makes you feel better. It was the perfect movie when you have the flu or if its raining, or if your just home alone watching it with your dog. Everything about it is wonderful. And the soundtrack is wonderful!

Favorite quotes: "Do you want me to say that you are really really short for your age and they shouldn't say anything because it would hurt your feelings?" ... haha i love this one because i feel like this is so me ... like i would have someone day that!

"How long have you been standing there" ... "FOREVER!" ... haha i just love when he says this!

"Jessica, this is your father. Tell us where he is, right this minute!" .... i love this cause roger ( my father ) has said this "shelby i am your father" hahaha do typical dad...

‎"so your hearts are like puzzles with missing pieces, and when you get together the puzzles complete" ... i actually wrote a song knda after this quote...thats how much i love it

Favorite Songs from the Soundtrack: Bye Bye Blackbird - Joe Cocker ; Stardust - Nat King Cole ; Make Someone Happy - Jimmy Durante ; When i Fall in Love - Celine Dion & Clive Griffin

well now that all of you think i am absolutely nuts for being so obsessed, lets just end this little post and pretend i didnt just write a whole blog entry about Sleepless in Seattle


Shelby Elyse

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