Tuesday, November 12, 2013

mama t

my mom retired a few weeks ago after 35 years of teaching. i spoke at her party. wanted to share it. i love her so. and i am so proud to be her daughter! 

my mama is one incredible lady

she is strong spunky and sassy

she loves the Lord

and loves my daddy

she's a chef cleaning lady and cheerleader

i wanna be more like her

as you know. Mom is a teacher.

But also, in my opinion, mom should be a registered nurse. She knows more about medicine than some of my doctors. I’m thankful for that.

mom has taught me so many things over the years. 22 to be exact. Because she’s been my mom for 22 years.

1.     girls can do anything boys can do
2.    stand up for yourself
3.    She taught me how to read
4.    find strength in the Lord, and remember that family ALWAYS comes first.
5.    Don’t let anyone put down your dreams
6.    She taught me how to cook
7.    She taught me how to do math. (with much love because, you guys. I don’t know a 6 from a 9.)
8.    Shelby. No one is normal. Why would you want to be normal? Just be you.
9.    when carol calls. You always answer.
10. The kitchen is for dancing.
11.  Think before you speak (I’m still trying to master this one.)
12.  Dad may not be able to fix a toilet or the dishwasher but he can fix a broken heart so forgive him.
13.  Every girl needs shoes. Lots of shoes.
14. Jewelry isn’t an option, but a must
15. I don’t have to like her, I just have to love her
16. The inevitable “your grounded because I love you.” And then her saying “one day when you have kids you will understand” and I’m like “girl please!”
17.  It is appropriate to burst into song anywhere. Anytime. Anyday.
18.  Sometimes I need to not be so sassy
19.  she taught me how to knit
20.  that when everyone else leaves, she will always be there for me.
21.  How to spell. And yet. She still can’t (hahah sorry mom)
22. How to be an amazing mom. (someday)

Mom is one of the strongest people i have ever met. she has been through a lot and still continues to be courageous and find strength in the Lord. she has been a rock for us kids & an amazing wife to my dad.

While mom taught for 35 years.  She also had about one hundred other full time jobs. she's been the track and cross country mom. the soccer mom. the dance mom. the theatre mom. the basketball mom. and everything in between. she has supported us in whatever we do. and she's also embarassed us a lot but who cares. she dances when my friends come over and tells bad jokes. and sings really off key. but its all part of mom. and i love her for that.

mom is the one that when i say someone has hurt me, her first response is "i'll kill them." or she comes up with some awesome plan to get them back. its just her protective side coming out but i find it to be absolutely hilarious. cause dad's always like "lorrie! ... now shelby you just need to be nice to them." typical la roge.

mom got a "fix-it"s side from my grandpa & "crafty" side from my grandma but the two of those together that woman is crazy. like i have said. she is superwoman. mom should have a sparkly cape.

well...thats a little bit about my mama.

mom, thank you for being so awesome. and crazy. i love you dude! ( yea i call her that ... she doesn't seem to hate it. its endearment. )

blessed by a heavenly daddy

shelby elyse 

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