Thursday, November 7, 2013

there is so much more to me

hi people!

so i am redesigning the blog. new name. new topics. new look. new everything.

design is still in progress...but i thought i'd give you a heads up! so HEADS UP!

the old name "the beauty in the battle" just was that. old. the blog had become something that was solely related to health. how is my health. how is my brain tumor. how have my doctor appointments been. how is my blood. and quite frankly. i'm just so sick of it. and i'm sure you are too. because i'm sick of being THAT girl. who is just that. sick. but there is so much more to me.

so i decided that the new blog would be so much more. i want it to radiate my passions. cooking. music. family. friends. my faith. AND the occasional health post. because that is a part of who i am. we can't sit and pretend i don't have a brain tumor. or a genetic disorder. or whatever. the list goes on. you know this. i mean it's reality. but there is so much more to me.

i have no idea where this is going to go. best case scenario i end up writing a book with jen hatmaker. worst case scenario. only my mom and a few other people keep reading this. either way. i will write. i love writing. so much. but i realize that i need to start writing about more than just my health journey. i felt as though the blog was turning into "poor me" which was never ever my intent. because i'm sassy, spunky, short, and sometimes sick. but there is so much more to me.

well. stay tuned. or join in. whoever you are. where ever you are. i'm shelby elyse and i'm ready to roll.

p.s. if you are a new reader. i have a fetish with punctuation. i use periods instead of commas. i always have. my proof readers of my term papers in high school hated me for this. but you have to deal.

i love you guys

BLESSED by a heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse

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