Thursday, January 31, 2013

i'm just me.

i like coffee cups. and the stuff that goes in them.

i like big hoodies.

i like you.

i like writing lyrics. 

i like things with patterns, they are more interesting.

i like california.

i like things with initials on them.

i like reality tv

i like mac and cheese, and the noise it makes when you stir it.

i like staying up really late.

i like (g-free) waffles. one day i will make my husband make them with me at 3am.

i like to sing.

i like that everyone has a story to tell.

i like being with my sister and brother. the 3 amigos. 

i like ryan gosling. 

i like wearing bows and headbands. they make statements.

i like dresses in the summer. fall. winter. and spring.

i like hard cover books. especially old ones.

i like the sunshine. 

i like shoes. i have a lot. it might be a problem.

i like james taylor.

i like to journal. and journal. and journal. and blog.

i like pictures. but not taking them.

i like heaven. i can't wait to be there.

i like to help people. 

i like weddings. they are magical.

i like to bake. okay i love it. a lot.

i like to talk to my parents. 

i like country music.

i like being sassy. 

i like french fries. and cheeseburgers. and milkshakes. sue me. 

i like long car rides, especially to the beach.

i like adoption.

i like the rain. mostly on sundays. 

i like "my best friends wedding" julia roberts is great.

i like my nephew.

i like that my dad can know something is wrong simply by looking at my eyes.

i like that i get to see people i miss again one day.

i like my house. i like my room.

i like tennessee.

i like nicholas sparks books. and movies. 

i like oatmeal. and cereals. a lot.

i like middle names. maybe more than firsts. maybe its a fetish

i like seeing peoples faces, no masks, no costumes, just be you.

i like carbonation. a lot. bubbly is better.

i like my nicknames. ( weezer, shel, shel-baby, shelby-baby, shel-bulb, bulby-baby, trooper, the leeester, shelbs, shelblisheniquia hahah, shorty, tiny taylor.) and many many more.

i like rap music. no really. i do.

i like movies with tom hanks and meg ryan.

i like buffalo. chicken. chili. pizza. anything. 

i like the power of prayer.

i like tyler hilton.

i like disney. world. land. cruise. it is all like a fairytale.

i like being small.

i like my crazy hair. and my glasses.

i like being the youngest.

i like my family.

i like my faith.

i LOVE my Jesus. 

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse 

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