Tuesday, January 29, 2013

keep your head up.

it's tuesday. but im gunna write about monday. because its only been tuesday for 13 minutes. i hope that is okay with you.

today was so many things. overwhelming. joyful. tiring. and praiseworthy.

i woke up with my heart still anxious. i sat on my bed with a big cup of coffee, bible open and just prayed and journaled and read the Word. just asking God to take away all my fears for the day. praying for everyone i love. everyone who is facing their own battles. i find that mornings like this put things in perspective, i'm worried about my blood cells being weird, but other people are facing much greater things.

i had some cereal, got ready and off to clinical i went. today was very different. i didnt get to play with the kids on the school age floor, i wasn't doing puzzles or coloring. i wasn't playing the wii or doing a craft. instead something much more meaningful, and kind of magical happened. i got sent to a different floor. i got to hold a 2 week old little dude. for 2.5 hours. i fed him his bottle. changed a diaper. rocked him. sang to him. ( about 20 taylor swift songs i might add. he might be her littlest fan now. ) it was maybe one of my favorite afternoons of my life. that little boy melted my heart. i loved every second of it...

... except for one point. there weren't any visitors. his parents werent there. he was alone in that crib all day until i came to hold him. it really made me upset. and i cried the whole car ride to class. and the whole car ride home. it was overwhelming. i so wished i could have held him all day and night and then again all day tomorrow. i called my mom after my classes and just cried on the phone saying "mom he didnt have anyone...he was just alone...he's only 2 weeks old mom..." i was broken. it was hard. please pray for this baby boy, that one day he will grow up to do mighty things, and live a very healthy life.

also...if you all think all i do is cry. dont worry. its just sometimes. i'm not always an emotional basketcase. mom says "your just a girl."

i got home. ate some g-free spaghetti with Corrie's papa's meat sauce YUMMMMM...watched the bachelor. ( i would elaborate on everyone i love and hate but i wont. ) and now im all snuggled in my bed blogging and i'll probably watch something on netflix because i'm not even close to tired....but one more thing!

tonight i got such good news:: my friend Robert got good test results today! we've been praying for each other's battles the past few weeks. please keep him in your prayers, as his journey isnt over.

My soul longs for your salvation; I hope in your word. Psalms 119:81

i love you all. 

Blessed by a Heavenly Daddy,

Shelby Elyse 

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